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We’re big believers in collaboration, getting on with the work and making valuable use of our time together.

Tino Ho

Chief Commercial Officer

We humans are social animals; We leak emotions to each other which drives our behaviour and decision making. 

This view of the human state is directly contrary to the way most people apply brand communications today. People’s decision making process isn’t linear, it involves many touch points, channels and people along the way, and has never been more complex.

Untangling and decoding this is poorly understood or applied in B2B. And this is the problem I love solving at The Social Revolution.

Nat Felix

Account Director

In this increasingly digital age, I am a strong believer that relationships are at the core of all B2B interactions. No matter what method or methodology you ascribe to at the end of the day we are still people selling to people.

Throughout my career, relationships have been a key driver in how I approach my work. The connection and trust you build when you truly understand another person, their needs, their challenges and more importantly how you can help them, unlocks potential for a long and lasting relationship.

The evolution of social media has given us as individuals and businesses a unique opportunity to digitise and reach more people in a real time engaging way.

I am excited to be part of The Social Revolution journey because it allows me to marry my passion for B2B relationships and support businesses to leverage social tools to drive impactful change.

Stuart P. Turner

Chief Growth Officer

I've been having variations of one simple conversation since I accidentally started a career in digital many years ago. Your online presence is the first and only impression you get to make.

When I started out the first iPhone had just been released, everyone was obsessed with ecommerce and Google had just begun their rise to market dominance. 

Back then the conversation was about why having a decent website was important and necessary (yeah, I know). Fast forward to now, websites have been superseded by Google and the ever evolving world of social media. Now the conversation is about why you should be taking social more seriously and the importance of substantive content. 

There are a million ways I could frame my interest in this company and what we're doing, but to distill it right down; you have to do different things to get different results.

Chris Brown

Advisory Board

The challenge of winning (and maintaining) business is twofold: 

1. How to best get your message—your proposition—to your target clients/customers, and 2. How to ensure those clients are able to engage with it in a meaningful way according to their own unique needs and/or circumstances.  

With social media being such an influence in people’s lives in both a business and individual sense, the challenge of delivering one’s message authentically is a more dynamic and fast-moving sphere than ever. This presents a significant opportunity for individuals and their business to capitalise on what is becoming a key channel. The Social Revolution sees and understands this opportunity. It is exciting to see 

The Social Revolution bring a partnership mindset to their clients with a drive to materially improve and evolve their client’s social media strategy, using an innovative but proven approach.  The Social Revolution are driven by their client’s success.

Tristan O’Connell

Advisory Board

I’m often referred to as the numbers guy.

And getting the numbers right in any business can make all the difference, including making informed and data driven decisions. 

I’m a big believer in building trusted relationships from both a personal and professional point of view, and social media can no longer be ignored as a key medium to help achieve this.

The Social Revolution have a unique and proven P2P marketing model, and I’m pleased to be a part of the story.

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