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Real life events are... not back :(

Unfortunately due to the continuing lockdowns and lack of clear visibility from State or Federal Government we are postponing all events for the moment.

If you registered for one of the East Coast Roadshow events we will let you know as soon as we can book dates back in.

Note to Sydney ticket buyers - all paid tickets for the Sydney date have been refunded.

Stay safe everyone, we look forward to seeing you before too long!

Next event in Sydney, 21st July 2021 - further dates & locations TBA

What to expect at the events

We'll be kicking off the event with some meeting and greeting, followed by a series of short, sharp specialist presentations from The Social Revolution team, Mark McInnes, plus some expert guests.

Topics on the agenda include:

> Lead generation techniques from LinkedIn - successful social selling

> How to write cold outreach messages (and send them on any platform)

> How to get head hunted - the right way

> Three common mistakes Sales Leaders make - and how to stop making them

The event is brought to you by our friends at Xactly.

Big names...

... to be announced soon

Mark McInnes

Sales Trainer BOSS Podcast Host

Tino Ho

Chief Commercial Officer The Social Revolution

Stuart P. Turner

Chief Growth Officer The Social Revolution


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No dates planned

No dates currently available



About the B2B Sales Society

B2B sales can be a tough way to make a living.

It seems like there are infinite ways to ‘sell’ and everyone has a different belief of what to do – and what not to do. Join the B2B Sales Society to learn what’s actually working right now, from real salespeople who are selling every single day.   If you’re a sales professional, entrepreneur, or just interested in sales strategy and tactics that get results – this is the place to learn, to network and to meet like minded professionals.

About our events

Learn from, meet and mingle with some of Australia’s leading B2B sales professionals in unique facilitated discussions. We’ll be openly sharing sales strategies, tactics, hacks and tips, as well as discussing relevant topics such as:   What sales outreach works? What contact cadence should you use? What sales stack is the best to use? How do you create personalisation at scale? What are the most effective sales tech tools today? How much time should you allocate to prospecting? And way, way more on all things sales...

About the Organisers

Mark, Tino and Stuart have been running the B2B Sales Society events for 3 years. The Society was founded on the basis that it could only be a good thing to create a space where B2B sales people can gather to network, gain access to unique perspectives from experienced professionals and hone the craft. All three organisers have done the job themselves, so they know how tough it can be!   Tino spent many years in Financial Services building business development teams to drive rapid company growth. Stuart has developed business for agencies both large and small, as well as for himself as a freelance consultant. Last but not least, Mark is still in the game as a Sales Consultant, working with large B2B orgs to optimise and improve their sales outcomes.

Tino Ho

Chief Commercial Officer

Tino has built a lot of business in his time - working with household names in the Australian financial services sector to build business development functions from the ground up.

Since leaving FSI Tino has been driving the growth of The Social Revolution, as well as working with a range of enterprise software, technology and consultants across the client base.    

Tino is a big fan of challenging  received wisdom in the B2B sector. He enjoys working with businesses to close the sales-marketing gap and educate brands on the importance of being social in modern sales.

Stuart P. Turner

Chief Growth Officer

Stu has been working in digitally focused agencies for many years both in the UK and in Australia. Since realising you could turn the internet into a job, Stu has been educating people, businesses and brands on the value and potential of digital technologies.    

Agency life is one long sales job (or party depending on who you speak to) so Stu is well versed in solution development, consultative sales and basically doing the job right.    

While he would never admit to being part salesperson himself, you can't survive as long as Stu has in agencies without selling something...

Mark McInnes

Sales Capability Consultant

A sales trainer and coach in Australia’s business sector, with a strong focus on the top of the sales funnel, Mark helps his clients to find more customers and engage with them in a credible and ethical way – be it online or via traditional sales channels. Mark is a highly regarded sales professional with over 25 years’ experience in B2B selling environments.

Mark draws heavily on his time in the Australian ARMY as an Assault Trooper where, amongst other things, he guarded the Queen of England. He draws upon some of the techniques and disciplines he gained whilst traveling the world with the ARMY in the development of his unique approach to his business dealings & sales philosophy.

We reach over 500 B2B brands across APAC with our events.

If you would like to become a B2B Sales Society partner, we would love to speak to you. Simply submit your details to the organisers and we will be in touch to discuss how you can get involved.

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No dates planned

No dates currently available