Case Studies

Executive personal branding for head of marketing

The Social Revolution clearly understand the end-to-end customer journey and apply a leading edge peer-to-peer marketing approach to solve B2B marketing problems

Client A

Head of Marketing

July 26, 2021

Building a sustainable inbound lead pipeline for a global data fabric brand

Marrying the deep expertise of thought leaders with the large networks of the commercial leaders was the key success in this program, delivering strong results in a challenging market

Tino Ho

Founder, The Social Revolution

June 28, 2021

Generating qualified sales pipeline for a global forex brand

Traditional methods were simply not generating results. High volume cold calling and EDM were producing diminishing returns. Our peer to peer approach was the solution this brand needed.

Global Foreign Exchange and Risk Management Brand

Head of Marketing

June 3, 2021

Executive Thought Leadership & Personal Branding - Helping your execs get started

I had to work through a way of engaging through my personal brand, or expertise, but I wanted to interweave this with KPMG.

Ted Surette


May 24, 2021

Andy Lark (ex Foxtel, Xero, CBA) - How to address the challenges facing B2B marketers

You've got to work really hard at establishing credibility and getting a seat at the table.

Andy Lark

Marketing & Digital Leader

May 21, 2021

BenQ Australia - Accelerating digital transformation with social selling

It’s very easy for us to get stuck in our ways and not be aware of the change that’s happening out there.

Martin Moelle

Managing Director, BenQ Australia

June 1, 2021

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