Our story

Since 2016 The Social Revolution grew from the mindset of ‘do what we sell, and sell what we do’. We provide peer-to-peer marketing services and solutions that we use ourselves. We test constantly and we’re always pushing the boundaries.

Do things differently to get different results

The definition of madness is to repeat the same thing and expect different results. The essence of The Social Revolution is simple - don’t succumb to the madness!

Our founder Tino Ho stumbled across LinkedIn as a valuable source of information, insights and prospects in his past life in the Financial Services Industry. Testing, learning and using his own results as a guide, Tino developed the embryonic process and methodology that has formed the basis of everything we do at The Social Revolution today.


more engagement from personal profiles compared to company pages or profiles. Are we missing a trick?

The start of The Social Revolution

Tino was confident that the challenges he faced were widespread enough to start a business and share what he’d learned with other people and brands struggling to adapt to the new paradigm in B2B sales and marketing; complicated buyer journeys, larger buying groups and independently driven decisions - all significant shifts in buyer behaviour. 

Fast forward a few years and here we are now; a team built around education, enablement and execution to help all our clients tackle those same challenges. We want to help our clients to rethink B2B marketing and sales - to do different things and get different results.

Companies we work with

What customers say about us

Hayley Parker

Strategic Projects
Pinpoint HRM

“Thanks to Stu’s brilliance in distilling our input into new insights for us as a rem, Still lots to do but now have a new framework and guide to get us there”.

Stephanie Sandbrook

Head of Marketing
The Eventful Group

“Thanks so much for your insights today. Definitely reframed how we think about our collective voice on SM and lots of take-aways for us to refine for 2020”.

Richard Poulton

Managing Director

"Tino epitomizes social marketing and social selling leadership. He unlocks potential in a way that is driven by real people based relationships to deliver tangible outcomes. I engaged Tino and his team to reimagine our organisations approach to social marketing and social selling which has led to results that bring to life his people first, brand second principles"

Martin Moelle

Managing Director

“A big thank you to Tino Ho and Stuart P Turner for an amazing workshop last week. Yes, we have our serious faces on but I assure you everyone learned a bunch and are ready to move on to the next step of our journey!”

Bradley Zastrow

Director of Business Development

“Great experience working with Tino and his team. They take a customer centric approach and I appreciate their diligence in understanding my objectives and desired outcomes. It feels like you have a real partner in your corner with shared goals, rather than a customer/vendor relationship – highly recommended.”

Daniel Climent

Director of Sales
The Eventful Group

“Thank you Stuart P Turner and Tino Ho, fantastic day. I have seldom seen anyone just “Get it” as quickly and well - amazing”.

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